Eagles Autism Foundation 2020 Impact Report

“Raising funds for the Eagles Autism Challenge really means a lot for our family. As our daughter gets older, we start to think more and more about her future and what that looks like. Through the work of the Eagles Autism Foundation we are able to see a brighter future for our girl. The EAF serves the autism community in ways we didn’t even know existed. Even during a pandemic year, we saw how quickly they shifted gears to continue to provide support in a year when we needed it most. We’ve learned a lot through programs they’ve hosted, met other families through their events and even found medical answers through research they help fund at CHOP!”


“The Philadelphia Eagles commitment to championship level impact on and off the field is inspirational for all of us. Autism is the fastest growing developmental-disorder in the country impacting millions of families. The innovative research and community programs funded by the Eagles Autism Foundation is helping these families both in the short run and long run and we are proud to have the opportunity to help their work”

Kimmarie Taylor Don Smolenski Alex Felmeister

Hall of Fame $100,000 AND ABOVE

$2,500 AND ABOVE Stephanie Ennis Kevin Sorli Liz Reed Tom Byrne

Darren Check

$25,000 AND ABOVE Jeffrey Lurie Krista Forst Christina Weiss Lurie Leah Dinoris Howie Roseman $10,000 AND ABOVE Ben Hartranft Howard Eskin Doug Pederson Skylar Austin Drew Masciangelo

Brooke Hazlett Kathleen Tarzwell Christian Molnar Joe Buriak

Marc Albero John Huyette

Stephanie Stricker Allyson Johnston Matthew French Frank Buttaro III David Dadoly Annie Foley Anthony Giordano David Sullivan Lindy Rolston Zachary Neuin Rory Douglas Kyle Tanguay Lee Ann Hartley Sandra Martinez

— Vivek J. Bantwal

Michael Winsey Robert Doyle Dominic Paranzino Tom Toland Justin Camaione Joyce Iman Dominic DiSandro Rachel Lewis

Howard Lewis Frank Gumienny Bob Gordon

— Nicole Bottino

$5,000 AND ABOVE Mark Buchinski Howard Brooks Tricia Vargo

Ed Siebert Kate Miller Edward Callahan

2020 Eagles Autism Foundation eaglesautismfoundation.org



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