Eagles Autism Foundation 2020 Impact Report

JEFFREY LURIE I think we can all agree, this past year has certainly been one like no other. That’s why our support for families was more important than ever. Even though we couldn’t be together, and we pivoted to a virtual format, our Eagles Autism family remained unstoppable. With your support, we have continued to meet families where they need us most, providing at-home resources and fostering a sense of connection, all while remaining united in our goal of taking action for autism. Sensory Saturdays with Max brought weekly creativity and fun into homes with Do-it-Yourself projects and interviews with special guests like Alex Singleton and his sister Ashley. Max’s activities are not only entertaining, being able to count on them every week created stability, predictability, and the connections that families needed to thrive – particularly when we were isolated. From developing those virtual resources to funding teleintervention programs and employment training, we helped establish and support new at-home routines. As I envisioned the Eagles Autism Challenge years ago, I hoped it would evolve into a platform that allowed people everywhere to live their best lives. I never imagined our community would grow so quickly. This past year only proved that we are far more than a one-day event. Your passion and enthusiasm have continued our incredible momentum, generating close to $10 million since we started three years ago. One hundred percent of those funds have been reinvested in our research and community grants, allowing us to address the most prominent issues facing individuals and their caregivers. Thanks to the generosity of our committed Eagles Autism Foundation family, we were able to provide critical support to Philadelphia-area organizations to serve direct needs resulting from challenges presented by the pandemic. To that end, we hosted a sensory- friendly COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Lincoln Financial Field, administering over 1,000 vaccines that helped make our community safer. And even as many of us worked from home, we never wavered in our focus on building a more inclusive workforce. From developing online resources to hosting virtual roundtables focused on neurodiversity hiring efforts, we continued to create employment opportunities for individuals with autism and developed new relationships with partners who are aligned with our commitment. I am incredibly grateful to my Eagles Autism Foundation family for pulling together in this exceptional year to help our community, which was hit so hard by COVID-19. We have truly shown the far-reaching impact that we can have when we remain committed and united in our goal, and I am excited for what we will achieve together in this coming year, as we continue to advance our mission and create a more inclusive world!

Jeffrey Lurie Chairman and CEO

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