Eagles Autism Foundation 2021 Impact Report

Jeffrey Lurie

Ryan Hammond

Dear Eagles Autism Family, In just four years - two of which included a global pandemic –we have raised a remarkable $12 million for autism research. This year’s Eagles Autism Challenge was both a reunion and a triumph. After COVID-19 forced us to hold the 2020 event virtually, over 1,800 people participated in person in the fourth annual Eagles Autism Challenge this past September, raising more than $2.7 million. This signature fundraising event supports innovative research, drives scientific breakthroughs, and provides critical resources. The initial mission was to bring awareness to the condition and provide a voice for the families in search of ways to navigate the challenges associated with autism. Four years later, our mission now is to deliver tangible effects for the autism community. And we are! Our research project funding, once earmarked for Philadelphia-based institutions, now extends across the country. Under the supervision of our scientific advisor, the renowned Dr. Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, an esteemed panel of leaders reviewed research proposals and evaluated all projects as part of the funding award process. Their expertise ensures that one hundred percent of participant-raised funds are directed to groundbreaking autism research and programs. In total, we contributed $12M to fund 31 new research projects and 27 community grants – all to impact transformational change in the field of autism. Our community has remained engaged and supportive through the challenges these past two years have presented. This year’s Eagles Radiothon generated more than $350,000, with all proceeds benefitting the Eagles Autism Foundation. We once again sponsored a vaccination clinic – this time for children 5-11 – to provide families a pathway to safety. Our efforts are woven into the fabric of who the Eagles are every single day. We live out our mission of promoting a neurodiverse workforce by not only welcoming employees of all abilities but providing the training and support they need to be successful members of the Eagles family. We educate other organizations on how to do the same and continue to cultivate relationships with partners who are aligned with our goals. The progress we have made – which has positively impacted so many families around the world – would not be possible without our fans and supporters of the Eagles Autism Foundation. Our biggest strength is bringing people together to do incredible things. Eagles fans aren’t just passionate about football, their commitment to autism research shows their unwavering generosity, empathy and dedication. We are more committed than ever to this journey and to providing much-needed support and resources to those in need. I look forward to a future of endless possibilities thanks to the amazing support we are so fortunate to have. I continue to be inspired and amazed by our Eagles Autism Family!

more than 1,800 participants, from 15 countries, raising $2.7million, we have overall raised more than $12million over the past four years. Thank you to our sponsors, participants, and donors. It is through your commitment, enthusiasm and leadership we can create a transformational impact for families affected by autism.

extended their engagement to staff and customers. It is so important to meet families where they need us the most, providing at-home resources, hosting new events (such as sensory-friendly vaccination clinics), adjusting annual events (like Huddle Up for Autism Drive Through), and fostering a sense of connection. We also recognize no one organization can address the needs of the community alone and we are stronger together. We are thankful for the amazing research institutions and community grant partners that provide hope for the future while improving the lives of families today through innovative programs. It was wonderful to be able to be back together in person for the Eagles Autism Challenge in August. With

The autism community is used to adapting to new challenges and never has that been truer than these past two years. As always at the Eagles Autism Foundation, our goal is to see how we best can respond to and address those new and varying sets of needs. We are grateful for the community around us and the unwavering dedication to our mission by everyone who has embarked on this journey with us. Our commitment to the autism community is ingrained throughout every aspect of the Eagles organization, inspired by Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie’s personal connection. We are fortunate to have partners like Lincoln Financial Group, Wawa and Five Below who are aligned in our mission and have

Ryan Hammond Executive Director of Eagles Autism Challenge



2021 Eagles Autism Foundation


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