Eagles Autism Foundation 2020 Impact Report


In March of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic necessitated a shift to a virtual world. For many of us, that meant working from home. While the change was an adjustment for everyone, this type of disruption in daily routine is often particularly difficult for individuals with autism. In an effort to educate others about the unique challenges facing those on the spectrum, Eagles Autism Foundation BCBA Kirsten Saraceni interviewed Gloria Mendoza and David Siegal, members of SAP’s Autism at Work program, about their “new normal”. Titled “Working from Home”, the seven-part series debuted on the EAF Facebook page in May of 2020, sparking thoughtful conversation and providing an eye- opening glimpse at the realities individuals with autism face. Drawing on their personal experiences, David and Gloria shared advice on how they navigated the situation, from specific strategies that helped them create and adjust to a new routine to how they remained connected to family, friends, and coworkers. “It’s tough for everyone, particularly those on the spectrum, and it’s okay to acknowledge…it’s okay not to be okay,” David, a Business Operations Associate Specialist for SAP’s North American Field Services Division, told viewers. Gloria, a Technical Quality Manager in the Customer Success department, echoed those sentiments, urging others to take comfort in the fact that they are not alone. To watch the full “Working from Home” series, check out the Eagles Autism Foundation playlist on the Philadelphia Eagles YouTube channel.

Both David and Gloria work for SAP, an Eagles Autism Challenge partner, as part of the organization’s Autism at Work program.

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