Eagles Autism Foundation 2020 Impact Report

DRAFT AND SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL In recognition of their support and commitment, some of our top Eagles Autism Challenge fundraisers had the opportunity to be featured during the Eagles’ selections

in the 2020 NFL Draft. Afterwards, we also invited participants to join an exclusive, virtual Meet and Greet with the team’s first- and second-round picks.

TIPS AND TRICKS This past year has been confusing for adults, let alone children and/or those on the autism spectrum. To help assist our community, Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst Kirsten Saraceni posted videos with information and resources. In Tips & Tricks, Kirsten outlined useful resources, activities and various methods to help acclimate to the ongoing change. Then, to help address specific issues, she solicited questions on social media and replied via Q&A.

Members of our Eagles Autism Foundation family had the opportunity to be featured during the 2020 NFL Draft.


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