Eagles Autism Foundation 2020 Impact Report


“The other thing I noticed was that the Eagles staff has gotten a lot of training in the last year. I can tell the difference, even when I took Dan to the two events in May. They just knew, “Does he need a sensory break? Is it a tactile thing?” They knew the terminology. Somebody’s training, and I appreciate that.” — THE KOGAN FAMILY

In April of 2020, the Eagles Autism Foundation launched Challenges to Success, a social media series dedicated to bringing awareness to diversity and inclusion efforts across the organization. Each episode highlighted a different family who had the opportunity to participate in an event they otherwise wouldn’t have because of the sensory resources and supports that EAF provided.

“I feel proud. I mean first of all, it’s the Eagles, and then they’re backing something that is so close to home. It makes me feel good that they are making people aware that this is important. So for the Eagles to step up and say hey, we know there’s families out there that need us, it’s important.” — THE DeMAYO FAMILY

“All the kids seemed content there. Everybody was comfortable at the event. And it made people’s parents, the grandparents, whoever took them, the guardians, feel like hey, this is a really big deal.” — THE KOGAN FAMILY

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